Health. Wellness.
Knowledge. Education. 
People. Patients. Providers.


We are nurses.  We are nurse practitioners.  We are providers. We have spent years at the bedside caring for patients and their families and listening to issues, concerns, and worries.  Each day we answer questions on medications, treatment plans, recovery, and navigating our healthcare systems. While the answers may be out there ‘somewhere’ on the internet, it is difficult to know where to look, how to find the answers, and what information is to be believed. 

We want you to be in control of your own health, healthcare and wellness. 

We want to give you the knowledge, resources and answers to your questions in one place, easily accessible and allow you to make the best decisions for your health care needs. 


As Nurse Practitioners, we want to engage and educate people, patients and providers on how to decode, interpret, and navigate our healthcare world through the viewpoint of nursing.  Our goal is to provide a consistent, easily accessible resource that clearly outlines, educates and informs on various topics of healthcare to help them interpret, decode and navigate their healthcare world.


We invite you to our classroom, Nursing Decoded, on the Teachable platform.  Learn via your desktop computer or on the go via your phone or tablet. Educate yourself on the areas of healthcare that you want answers to.  Grow with us as our course selection grows; from basic medical questions, preventative care, healthcare system navigation tips and tricks, unexpected surgery, and more.