National Nurses Day

Nurses are making the headlines now more than ever, most often the image of frontline workers in the COVID-19 pandemic. Before this virus was a household name, the World Health Organization had already declared 2020 the “Year of the Nurse”. What is the history behind the celebrations of the most honest profession for the past 18 years?

National Nurses Day

Request for recognition for nurses started back in 1953. The ANA (American Nurses Association) outlines the entire history of how May 6th was chosen as National Nurses Day. They declared May 6th through May 12th – ending on Florence Nightingale’s Birthday – as National Nurses Week. Then, in 1998, May 8th was designated National Student Nurses Day as well celebrating School Nurse Day on the Wednesday during National Nurses Week.

American Nurses Association

Who is Florence Nightingale?

Florence Nightingale was born on May 12, 1820, in Florence, Italy. Her family was British and returned to England shortly after her birth.

Florence is considered the founder of modern nursing. Achievements include helping change how nursing was perceived, nursing education, and raised the standards of nursing care. Her biography of life achievements can be found on the National Women’s History Museum website.

Nurses Month

The American Nurses Association, a steadfast advocate for the nursing profession, declared May the month of nurses. Each week, the ANA has a focus on different areas of nursing:

  • Self-Care (May 1-9)
  • Recognition (May 10-16)
  • Professional Development (May 17-23)
  • Community Engagement (May 24-31)

Year of the Nurse

To commemorate Florence Nightingale’s 200th Birthday, the World Health Organization declared that 2020 would be the “Year of the Nurse“.

Nursing certainly started off with a bang this year and we have been doing what we do best. Caring, educating, healing, advocating, and supporting patients and co-workers.

We have come a long way since Florence, and will continue to promote our profession and celebrate our achievements. Most importantly, we will be there for our patients.

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  1. Heather

    Thank you to all the nurses out there. Fighting this virus could not be done without them. My sister is a nurse, as was my Nana. I see the importance of their work day in and day out.

  2. Beth Shields

    Thanks for your dedication and commitment. Retired nurse here but still feel like I am practicing most of the time in my daily interactions. It certainly has been the year of the nurse. Thanks.

  3. Lee Anne

    What a year to be Year of The Nurse! What on Earth could we do without all of the wonderful nurses in our lives! Thank you all!

  4. Santana

    I love that you added some history to this!

  5. Diane Kurzava

    Every day should be Nurse Appreciation Day! It’s a profession I could never do, but have a high respect for those that do.

  6. Crystal

    Wow no coincidence we are definitely seeing 2020 as year of the nurse. Thank you to all the nurses out there!

  7. Holly

    I think every day should be nurses day! The commitment and responsibilities that nurses share is inspiring! Thank you for sharing this amazing information filled blog!

  8. Lisa Manderino

    Yea For Nurses! Love the help that they give!

  9. Douglas J.

    Nurses are very special. A big thank you to all nurses, health care professionals and first responders.

  10. Tricia Snow

    Happy National Nurses Day! It is a well deserved day for sure! I am curious was this a thing before COVID? I don’t remember it in previous years.

    1. Nursing Decoded

      Yep! Every year! It’s also usually around Teacher’s Appreciation Week and Healthcare Week – it’s quite fun to celebrate everyone!

  11. Lisa.maslyk

    This is a very important tool, especially in this new world. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Kirsten

    This is really interesting, thank you for sharing this! Nurses really do deserve a lot more recognition and applause than they get.

  13. Debbie

    Really appreciate all that you and the other nurses are doing!!

  14. Eva Keller

    How nice that each week has a different focus!

  15. Jen

    It’s definitely been a busy, albeit unusual time to be a nurse! I’m so grateful to know so many great nurses and encourage our kids regularly to pursue nursing when they get older.

  16. Charlene

    I work in an elementary school where we have to share our nurse with two other buildings. I am REALLY hoping that changes when we return in the fall now that we’re dealing with this pandemic. I think school nurses are the most valuable people in our buildings.

  17. Kendra

    Nurses are angels on Earth! I’m fairly certain my dad is related to Florence Nightingale.

  18. Ethel

    Most of my friends are nurses who, like most on this profession, love what they do. Grateful for the nurses’ services every single day of the year. Happy Nurses Month!

  19. Sara

    I am so appreciative of nurses and the hard job that they have. In 2012 I was hospitalized in the ICU for 9 days and my nurses were amazing! They did a great job helping me get through a difficult time in my life.

  20. Katherine Wolfe

    What a wonderful post and in such a timely manner too! Nurses have been unsung heroes long enough….it’s time that they get some real recognition.

  21. Alice

    Thank You!!! I think it is great to celebrate nurses all month long!

  22. jody

    Nurses really have a hard job it can be very taxing . I feel they all deserve more money and more respect.

  23. Sandi

    I love my nurse friends. Even when they are at home and you have an emergency, they are always there.

  24. Ruth Iaela-Pukahi

    I LOVE nurses!!! I had 5 babies in the hospital and I was so so grateful for EVERY nurse that took care of my baby and me. I felt so spoiled. I made sure I said THANK YOU often because their whole job is SERVICE! Any time I had to go to emergency, I am grateful for the kindness of my nurses, getting me socks and extra blankets when cold. Taking extra care of my children. I’m forever grateful for the kindness and big hearts of ALL the nurses out there! THANK YOU!!!

  25. As a Registered nurse, I appreciate the respect that we have received in light of this pandemic. It can often seem like a thankless job after a hard shift. But even though it can be emotionally, mentally, and physically taxing it can also be very rewarding. Thanks for bringing even more awareness to our profession. 🙂

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